Cedric St. Louis is a NY state bred artist with an eclectic and high flown Hip Hop style.

Early beginnings in Spring Valley, NY included imitating one or some of the greatest living Black artists in the past 20 years. With every passing year Cedric found himself escaping into the music more and more. At one undetermined point, he could not help but try his hand at writing verses and eventually songs. Cedric St. Louis experimented in his high school years gaining experience and confidence with the release of a few mixtapes while recording in his childhood bedroom. 


“I was never concerned with proving I was the best …I was concerned with believing I was the best.” he stated in a recent discussion. With stories of his search for identity on his previous effort This Can’t Be Real (EP) back in 2018 one thing is clear; Cedric is well on his way to becoming a favorite in the up and coming landscape of not just Hip-Hop as a genre , but music as a whole. A sense of self identity is something he hopes to envelop whoever listens. Whether it be unapologetically proclaiming who’s most attractive on “Prettier” or this is a man ubiquitous with the word honesty. As a Black gay man navigating in the Hip Hop and Alternative industries (respectively) he hopes to push himself in the direction write songs that empowers the listener. –Tomi Adedeji.

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